Cave Tubing Belize

Go Cave Tubing Belize in inner tubes and float down a river until disappearing into caves that were sacred Mayan ritual places.

Enjoy cave tubing in belize

Cave Tubing Belize is one of the country’s most popular attractions for both overnight tourists and cruise tourists alike.

Hike nature trails for 30-40 minutes before settling into your oversized rubber inner tube. Begin floating down a river and disappear into caves that were once sacred Mayan ritual places.

Come enjoy the pristine and mysterious underworld in Belize and be blown away by the beauty and history this tour encompasses.

The Cave Tubing Experience

A part of the Belizean Cave Tubing experience is entering “Xibalba”, Mayan for “the place of fright”, the Maya underworld and was considered a gateway to hell in Mayan mythology. After coming out Xibalba you can say “I’ve been to hell and back!”.

Be mesmerized by wondrous stalactites, stalagmites and other rock formations. Take a detour and visit dryer parts of the cave by hiking up slippery slopes and spaces.

On this tour you will be able to appreciate Mayan remains, pottery and lettering pained or carved into walls.

Tour Details


Belize Cave Tubing tours from $45 USD per person


Cave Tubing tours leave at 8am sharp

What To Bring

Sunscreen, water proof cameras, water shoes or protective sandals, and an adventurous spirit!

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Photos of the tour:

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