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You have decide to take an adventure vacation, or you are an adventure lover, but the headaches of planning a trip finding a convenient flight, choosing which adventure to pick, figuring out hotels and meals and visits etc. it is all a big overwhelming nightmare. 

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We have the perfect bundles for you, both, including airfare, our or just an adventure kit.

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Each one of our adventures can be made into an all inclusive treat.

Christian and / or Social Mission Groups

Our teams can produce the most amazing outreach experience.

whether you are seeking to spread the Gospel or simply bring relief or social services to the communities of Belize.

We can arrange every aspect of your Ministry wherever you want to bring it, or we can provide connections to churches, orphanages, community centers, etc. through which you can do your work of blessing those in need of help.

Furthermore, your Ministry efforts will be pared with a time of R & R, with your choice of our many adventures.